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$58 Per Month

Self-storage units can be extremely convenient for a lot of reasons, whether you simply need a room to keep your holiday decorations or you need to store the contents of an entire bedroom during a move. Affordable Self Storage of Virginia Beach offers a range of different units for you to choose from so that you only pay for the space that you need. If you need self-storage services in Virginia Beach, VA, give us a call.

This is our largest available unit and can store the contents of most four to five-bedroom homes.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Affordable Self Storage

$242 Per Month

Self-Storage Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Affordable Self Storage of Virginia Beach is just that: affordable. We take pride in offering a range of safe and secure storage units for a great price. Our facility is always clean and well-lit, and our security system is top-notch. And by working with a locally owned business, you get personalized and caring service each time you stop by. To reserve a unit, click here.

$141 Per Month

This unit can store the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or contents of a walk-in closet.

Tips for Using Self-Storage

As one of the largest units, this unit can store the contents of a small house or three-bedroom apartment, including furniture, appliances and many boxes.

$193 Per Month

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This unit can hold an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full sized bedrooms.

$84 Per Month

This unit can store the contents of a small closet, files from a small office, or some extra holiday decorations.

Before you rent a unit from us, you should learn more about maximizing your space when you use a self-storage unit. Some of the best tips include:

  • Choose the right unit: We have five different sizes to choose from, from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’ units. Take an inventory of the items you plan to store and figure out how much space you need. If you’re still unsure, contact our team, and we’ll be happy to help you decide.
  • Pack strategically: You should keep your storage unit organized and easy to access. Make sure to label boxes clearly and put items you will need more frequently at the front of the unit to save time. You should also leave a walkway through as much of the unit as possible.
  • Protect your items: Invest in blankets, bubble wrap, and other protective items for wood furniture, artwork, or delicate items. All of our units are climate-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about humidity or temperature, but you should still pack each item carefully.

Our climate-controlled storage units are ready for you to use!