10'x20' (200 sq ft.)

This unit can hold an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full sized bedrooms.

5'x10' (50 sq ft.)

Whether you are looking to store holiday items, getting ready to move, getting ready to deploy, or just need that extra space we can help you in your storage needs. Let Affordable Self Storage of Virginia Beach be your storage solution. We have many different size units to fulfill your needs and all units are climate controlled!

$160 Per Month

This is our largest available unit and can store the contents of most four to five-bedroom homes.

$115 Per Month

5'x5' (25 sq ft.)

This unit can store the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or contents of a walk-in closet.

10'x15' (150 sq ft.)

Of Virginia Beach

10'x10' (100 sq ft.)

As one of the largest units, this unit can store the contents of a small house or three-bedroom apartment, including furniture, appliances and many boxes.

An image of our self-storage units in Virginia Beach, VA

Affordable Self Storage

$65 Per Month

$45 Per Month

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This unit can store the contents of a small closet, files from a small office, or some extra holiday decorations.

$205 Per Month

Self-Storage Services in Virginia Beach, VA